I really enjoyed my first time paddleboarding.  I had a great time.  I can’t wait to try it in the surf and I’m looking forward to some long ocean paddles.  I thought SUP was a great workout, definitely a good “core” workout.  I would definitely recommend SUP to Others it’s a great way to combine both fun and fitness

Jim, Port Orange FL.

Paddleboarding was surreal for me because I assumed I would be in the water more than on the board, and to my surprise I didn’t fall off once!  It was a personal accomplishment and exhilarating feeling that can’t be put into words.  Paddleboarding is a full body workout, literally from your toes of staying balanced on the board, to your upper shoulders from paddling.  But you don’t realize how much you worked your body until you get off the board and standing on solid ground because you are so in the moment.  For me you are so in tune with nature and the idea that you are literally gliding across bodies of water, it’s definitely the closest I will ever get to ‘walking’ on water.  If I can do it, anyone can do it! This sport is a blast while getting a solid hardcore total body workout.  And personally if I can get a workout while being in/on the water while getting a nice tan, I’m all about it.

Veronica, Orlando FL

After completing my first stand up paddleboard session I felt as if I had been on an adventure.  I felt like I was one with the ocean as I began to learn to balance myself on the board.  I immediately knew that paddleboarding would be a sport I would enjoy for the rest of my life.  The workout was exhilarating and I stayed in the ocean for hours my first day learning to sharpen my skills.  I would recommend paddleboarding to others because at the end of your session you feel like a winner and you look forward to you next ime out in the ocean.

Gil, Orlando FL

Paddleboarding is a blast.  From the moment, I  paddled away from the dock, I knew I was going to have a problem; an addiction to paddleboarding problem, that is.  It was great fun.  I spent two hours out on the water, constantly moving and working muscle groups without even realizing it.  The next day, however, I could feel proof that I had had a full body workout.  What a great way to exercise.

Frankie, Orlando FL

Stand Up Paddleboarding was exhilarating!  At first, it was a little nerveracking not knowing what to expect.  But once you stand up and get your water legs, there is no turning back. This is an incredible, fun time! What more could you want from a total body workout – it’s so much fun that you do not even feel like you are working out.  But you sure do feel it the next day. I already have recommended SUP to my friends.

Sarah, Orlando FL

I absolutely love paddleboarding for my first time! I was surprised at the workout combined with the relaxation from being on top of the water. The workout snuck up on me, but it was great. My shoulders, my middle, my legs – everything was working together.  It didn’t feel like work at all! I can’t wait for my friends to try paddleboarding.  It’s a great way to enjoy the beautiful weather and do something active outdoors.  It was fun, fit, and serene at times. What a great sport! I can’t wait to do it again.

Stephaine, Orlando FL

Stand Up Paddleboarding was easier than I expected, more fun than I thought paddling on calm water would be, and a complete core workout that woke my abs up! This is the type of workout that sneaks up on you and leaves you fatigued in a great way.  It’s also fun ad an easy way to work nature and fitness into the same hour… Do it!

Gail, Orlando FL

Paddleboarding is great! It’s a total body workout that works everything from little to big muscles in your body, while also building your sense of balance and coordination.  Very easy for any beginner to jump on and learn in no time! It is a great sport for people of all ages, kids and adults, and with its ease to learn – it’s no wonder it is so popular in Hawaii and the West Coast.

Donnie, Athens GA

Paddleboarding mostly wast I expected, though I had hoped I’d pick it up more quickly than I did.  Everyone needs to come up with their own method, and for me it was the mantra: “Eyes up, paddle in the water, eyes up, paddle in the water,…” If you are used to any kind of core exercises or you have learned how to focus on your core muscles then you’ll rapidly notice how important they are to maintaining your balance.  Once you start to get your sea legs, focusing on your core makes everything much smoother. It is a great ad relaxing workout! Hopping on the board is something you’ll be able to enjoy for many, many years, and the benefits it provides your body will only increase as you get older. It will be a true lifelong passion of mine, I can already tell.

Brent Z, Indialantic FL

I was already into SUP and out for some pointers.  Paddleboarding is catching on fast, probably because it’s good fun and easy tor learn. I haven’t had this much stoke since I started surfing. The paddle adds a totally ew dimension to surfing and flatwater paddling is much easier to manage than canoeing. The workout is definitely a full body workout. Paddleboarding seems to find your weakness and works it; core, arms (triceps), shoulders, back. For me its my legs (quads) that are wobbling afterwards! Its quick to learn and progress, at all ages shapes and sizes. When you’re ready to take on the surf, it could be your thing for life. Just be mindful of your etiquette in the surf.

Andrew, South Africa

Thanks for introducing me to this awesome sport. I worked muscles I didn’t even know that I had. Awesome workout and mind blowing experience. I look forward to learning more.

Eddie, Houston TX

SUP was easier than I thought it would be to get up on the board. I do not consider myself to have great balance…but Scotty’s instruction gave me the confidence to get up on the board right from the beginning. Not only was the experience a great workout but it was very relaxing at the same time. SUP is a very good core workout. In addition, it was a great shoulder and back workout. The best part, from the perspective of an avid runner, is the fact that SUP is virtually “no impact” on the legs. That is, SUP is a welcomed change of pace from running since SUP doesn’t require the pounding on the lower legs that running does. Furthermore, the core workout provided by SUP will only help to make me a more efficient runner. The push-ups performed on the board (while out in the water) really works the core while also working the chest and triceps. I would definitely recommend SUP for anyone looking for a new method of exercising or just looking for a way to get out and enjoy the water. Doing SUP on Lake Ivanhoe in Orlando provided an opportunity to see some wildlife (e.g., birds, turtles) up close. I can only imagine how awesome that would be in the ocean with dolphins.

Russell, Mississippi

I am really “STOKED” about this sport. Living in Florida and being able to take advantage of a workout on the lake and then an intense surfing experience on the surf, all on one board, is really exciting. Paddleboarding is the total package. When on the ocean the range of the paddleboard is incomparable to any other board I’ve ridden. The workout is the true full body workout with a classic Hawaiian feel. Even though it’s a new cutting edge sport to us, to the ancients it was a way of life for survival, staying fit, and fun. Riding this new board will take you beyond anything you’ve ever been able to accomplish on a surfboard. The workout is exhilarating. Strengthening not only your body but also strengthening your mind and spirit. Your spirit soars as for that one moment you conquer nature and stand atop it’s mighty wave. You immediately feel the workout evenly distributed across the body, not just in one specific area. The workout is a real rush.

Robert, Orlando FL

Great 1st time experience. What a great way to get a workout: “walking” on water, enjoying the scenery and getting fit in the bargain. I had no trouble standing up and felt relaxed on the board after just a couple of minutes. After an hour, I could feel some increase in the tone of lateral muscles of my quads, biceps and deltoids. Great isometric exercise. If you can take this up at 67, just about anyone should be able to do it. I’m excited at the prospect of going out in the surf with younger members of my family (but they may want to use my paddleboard instead of their surfboards).

Mike, Orlando FL

My first Stand Up Paddleboard Surf lesson was a blast! I learned the basic paddle surfing stances and had lots of time to practice. It was fu, challenging, and a great workout. This is a whole body workout. Definitely great for core strength and balance.

It’s a great workout plus you’re outside enjoying nature. You never know what beautiful things you’ll see so it’s always an adventure. You ca go with a group of friends or by yourself

Kathy, LakeMary FL

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