7:00am / 9:00am / 3:00pm / 5:00pm – seven days a week, Lake Ivanhoe / Gaston Edwards Park


If you’re already out enjoying Stand Up Paddleboarding and would like to learn how to turn your casual paddle session into a high intensity – low impact workout, then try Orlando’s – Paddleboard Fitness Classes; we teach creative ways to enhance your balance while working your core and using your paddleboard to get a high intensity – low impact workout.  The act of balancing while paddling helps to train the body equally for strength, balance and power in a workout designed to keep your beach body year round.

Orlando’s Paddleboard Fitness classes will help you add a new dimension to your old training routine and a new and challenging workout that will take balance to a whole new level. Get off the treadmill and come out and burn calories while walking on water.

Classes are held daily at Gaston Edwards Park – 1414 N. Orange Ave Orlando 32804, boat dock next to Gargis Italian Restaurant and the Greek Corner Restaurant.

*Weather conditions may require us to cancel classes.

*We will send an e-mail 1 hour prior to class to inform participants if there is a change or cancellation.

*Class must be reserved online or over the phone prior to class time, if reserving on day of class please call to confirm.

*Class cost is $25 includes all equipment.

This was an excellent fitness class on a stand up paddleboard.  So very fortunate to have gotten a session with Scotty at Maui B’s.  I am an expert in the field of SUP and he had me sweating and working within minutes.  I felt a great burn and he was constantly giving me pointers and technique modifications to make sure I was getting the most out of the workout.  He has excellent top of the line gear and it’s all in great shape and looked brand new and clean. Not a bunch of old outdated and beat down stuff like you might find at other SUP places.  Highly recommended. – Dan Gavere WSUPA – ASI Master Trainer, Expert Paddleboarder.

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